Since its inception in 2010, the Australian Security Medals Foundation Inc. (ASMF) in collaboration with ASIAL has been honouring exceptional individuals in the security industry. During this time, the ASMF has acknowledged the meritorious efforts of security officers in applying critical first aid whilst on duty by bestowing Security guards who have saved a life whilst on duty the ‘St John’s Save a Life Award’.

Each year AGS’s HR and Business Development Managers nominate Security Guards from our team for the ASMF Security Awards leading to several of our guards over the years winning these awards. The Australian Security Medal (ASM) is awarded to recognise the outstanding career and character of the recipient. ASM recipients are those who have demonstrated a consistent, high-level contribution to the wider community, possibly via innovative non-core business activities and projects, or via extraordinary performance in their professional role(s).

Late last year Asset Group Solutions nominated Security Guard Michel Bitar for the St Johns Save a life award for saving a life whilst on duty. Recently the ASMF announced the 2020 winners of the award with Michael being one out of Seven Security Guards to win this prestigious award. We give our sincere thanks and appreciation to Michel for his speedy reaction to such a shocking discovery. He stayed calm, followed the correct procedure, and assisted in keeping the man safe and alive until medical help arrived to the scene.

Well done to Michel for being such a great role model to the rest of us and an excellent representation of our team.” said John Zeitoune, AGS Chief Executive Officer

At AGS we train our guards to excel in situations they might face on the job and are proud of what they accomplish onsite. Our goal is to have our security services change lives. Stories like these remind us that our guards do just that.

2020 Australian Security Medals Foundation Award Recipients Announced