“Slip and fall” is a term for a personal injury case where a person slips or trips and is injured on another person’s property. Public liability claims are claims for compensation to cover your losses if you’re injured in a public place. Determining who is legally responsible is often a long journey dragged out through lengthy court proceedings that can be quite costly and stressful to those involved.

A public liability claim can result in financial ruin and damage to your reputation. So managing the risks around Public Liability is vital to any organisations business sustainability. With 25 years of experience, our company has vast knowledge and risk mitigants in place.

Recently a NSW District Court and NSW Supreme Court decision earlier this year highlighted Asset for our accurate reporting and maintaining adequate cleaning loops. More information can be found in relation to the case and decision by clicking the link below.

Accurate Cleaning Records Vital for Slip and Fall Litigation – REIQ

Our compliance team regularly deliver an exclusive one of a kind training module where attendees learn how to be proactive with identifying risks, implementing safety measures, maintaining loops, reporting, managing hazards and Post-incident learning and corrective actions.

The training is facilitated in small groups in a relaxed environment where attendees can learn, share ideas, experiences, and a meal. Our attendees are always asked to provide feedback with the general consensus being that a better understanding in identifying hazards & risks is achieved and the feeling of confidence about what they should do in the event of an incident.

Our Incident Reporting system is an integral part of our service process. The data that we collect through our in-house cloud-based software allows for awareness, recording and action relating to near-miss incidents, slip and falls, injuries, safety observations, security breaches, corrective actions and follow up procedures. This ensures safety and security is adhered to and clients have live access to incident reports as they arise. Detailed Reporting also means that in the event an incident is heard in court our team has captured accurate detailed data.

“Thank you to our WHS & HR Manager Bronco and Compliance Co-ordinator Sonia for delivering this training module effectively, helping our frontline team be proactive in mitigating risks on the sites that we manage. Thanks to our Frontline teams for their participation and commitment to delivering our clients with outstanding service time and time again.” Said John Zeitoune, CEO.