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Our innovative solutions provide our partners with a seamless service experience.


Asset Group Solutions is a national facility management company, with over 25 years’ experience in providing quality Security, cleaning, maintenance & construction services.

Asset Group Solutions (AGS) is a national facilities management company, with over 25 years’ experience in providing quality services to both commercial and industrial clients. Proudly Australian-owned, AGS has been dedicated to working in partnership with clients to achieve their goals since our our inception in 1996,  earning a reputation as a respected provider of quality integrated property solutions tailored to the needs of our wide-ranging clients.

In 2006, Asset Security was re-branded into Asset Group Solutions to meet our clients demand for an integrated service provider. Our Integrated services offer significant benefits, including optimising end-to-end service delivery, improving customer experience, improved work efficiencies, enhanced productivity and reducing costs. This allows us to create added value in our service delivery. Our services have diversified into a plethora of value-add options which include:

Facility Management Company
Asset Group Solutions applies old ways in new ways, and back-to-basic techniques with new technologies. Building on our proud heritage, we deliver innovative and outstanding quality facilities solutions with our diversified products and service offering.
Geographical Spread

Our widespread geographical spread across Australia equips us with the unique ability to implement a national standard of Facilities Management and Security services across the various sites that we manage


Asset Service Areas
Masters Licences:

NSW: 407 842 752 | VIC: 867 413 81S | QLD: 341 5557 | ACT: 175 022 55 | SA: ISL 261 284 | WA: SA 569 2




Good hygiene and cleaning practices has become increasingly vital with the recent global outbreak of COVID-19. In response to this unfortunate pandemic Asset Group Solutions has implemented a sanitising service that is 99.99% effective against harmful viruses and germs on surfaces,  providing ongoing protection for up to 30 days. The product we use for this service is listed on the Australian TGA  COVID – 19 list. Read More —>


Asset Group Solutions is dedicated to ensuring compliance with all rules and regulations.

Asset Group Solutions provides our clients with peace of mind by guaranteeing exceptional accounting and finance management with a focus on quality assurance. We utilise a rigorous induction process to validate and monitor the continuous legal compliance of our company, employees, suppliers and vendors.

Our compliance policies and procedures are constantly audited internally. In order to ensure quality assurance we also utilise external compliance and auditors. Some of our certifications and compliance programs include: